Adie was born in Paris, France and has been living between France, New York City and the Hamptons in Long Island. She developed a passion for drawing at a very young age, inspired by her architect father. She has become a gifted, classically trained figurative oil painter, who has always pursued quality over quantity, easily seen in her lavishly detailed brushwork.


After graduating from high school, Adie studied fashion design at Esmod Paris, where she excelled at her studies while winning an award for most innovative wedding gown. But it was becoming increasingly clear to Adie that painting was her true calling.


After moving to Dubai for 3 years, Adie started taking formal painting classes at the Dubai Art Center. Now convinced that art would be her life,


Adie moved to New York and accelerated greatly her understanding of form & technique by attending the New York Academy of Art, the Art Student League, and drawing classes at the National Art Club. Since that time, she continues to study privately under the tutelage of one of the NYAA’s most accomplished painters. Adie’s portraits, still-lifes & nudes can be found in private collections across the US, as well as France and Dubai











Testimonial   Check out my Airbnb Experience "Introduction to painting/latin quarter" for reviews

When I moved to Italy, my dream was to learn how to paint. Unfortunately, even after several classes, I learned nothing. It wasn't until I spent the summer of 2015 in Paris and took private painting classes with Adie that I really learned how to paint. Adie is a passionate and dedicated teacher who taught me everything about painting: buying the right materials, how to arrange the paint on my palette, how to hold the palette, how to mix paint, how to clean my brushes, etc. But most important, she taught me how to paint like the masters. Her lessons were extremely detailed and I learned the different steps in creating a real painting...the different layers of a painting, including how to glaze. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget. I was sad when I had to leave Paris and Adie but hope that I can continue to improve my painting skills through skype classes with Adie in the future.

Alison L.

Etant autodidacte dans ce domaine, j'ai pris des cours particuliers de peinture avec Adie pour connaître les bases solides et nécessaires pour faire de beaux tableaux. J'ai adoré travailler avec Adie car sa discipline dans le travail m'a obligée à aller plus loin. Adie est une peintre passionnée, elle transmet avec vigueur et enthousiasme son savoir avec beaucoup de générosité. Elle a une connaissance importante de la peinture de la renaissance et même sans vouloir peindre dans ce style il est primordial de connaitre les secrets de cette période. 

Quand elle s'est absentée, j'ai pris des cours du soir aux ateliers beaux arts de paris pour pouvoir continuer à apprendre ; j'ai juste pu profiter du modèle vivant mais les conseils du prof ne m'ont servis à rien ! 

Adie est de retour à Paris, c'est une chance pour tous les artistes qui ont soif de connaissance et de plus c'est une personne charmante et pleine d'humour.

Estelle H.

I have been taking classes with Adie for the past two months. I had attended an art school when I was a teenager, but have lost all and any skills through the years of not practicing. Seeing her beautiful and masterful work has inspired me to pick up painting again. Adie knows how to paint and has a gift and patience for teaching. Her style is very academic, which appeals to me since I went to a classical, serious school all those years ago. She helped me pick my brushes and canvases, reminded me how to hold a palette, how to choose my colors, and taught and re-taught forgotten and new techniques! I see real progress, and very class with her inspires me to continue working despite my otherwise busy schedule. Her talent and skill as well as the easy-going personality, calmness and sense of humor make every class an invaluable and pleasurable experience. My French is getting better too :) I recommend her both to beginners and to advanced painters who want to perfect their art. 

Anastasia S.

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